What is the Shortcut Gallery?

Announcement and discussion of shortcuts available in the Online Gallery

What is the Shortcut Gallery?

Postby gb2 » Wed Sep 02, 2009 8:00 am

Quite simply, it's shortcuts submitted by users for other users to download and use. Startly staff will also submit shortcuts that either showcase a feature of QuicKeys 4 or fills the specific need for another user.

Where can I find the Gallery?
You can visit the Gallery in your web browser, which allows you to download and install (via the Import Shortcuts function) any shortcut available in the Gallery.

However, visiting the Gallery from inside QuicKeys 4 itself streamlines the process. Simply click on "QuicKeys Online" in the Scope list, select "Gallery", then choose which shortcuts you want to download. QuicKeys will take care of downloading and installing the shortcut for you.

How do I submit a shortcut?
When you've got a shortcut you'd like to share, it's quite easy to get it to us. In the main editor window, highlight the shortcuts you'd like to send and select "Submit to Shortcut Gallery…" from the Shortcuts menu in the menu bar. You can also right-click the shortcut and select the same menu item from the contextual menu.

You'll be presented with a dialog asking for your name, e-mail address, and some details about the shortcuts you're sending us. Try to be as descriptive as possible as this description is what we'll most likely use when we post the shortcut to the Gallery. If your e-mail address matches the address you registered with for these forums, we'll attribute the submission to your forum account name. If you'd rather your submission remain incognito, check the "Anonymous Submission" checkbox and we'll keep your contribution anonymous. We do ask that you always provide a valid e-mail address even if you are submitting anonymously. If we have questions about the shortcut, it's the only way we can contact you.

How long does it take for a shortcut to show up in the Gallery?
That depends, understand that we have to review your shortcut for usability, check for grammatical errors, make sure the bits are all aligned due-East... it can take awhile. Be patient, if your shortcut provides no benefit, is just broken or we don't have or can't get the program that you are using the shortcut in it might not make it to the Gallery.

I'm having trouble with a Gallery shortcut, now what?
This forum will be the primary discussion point for shortcuts submitted to the Gallery. As new shortcuts show up, a new topic will be created for them. Post your questions or comments about the shortcut in the appropriate forum and we'll help you out. If you are a shortcut author, keep an eye out for posts made to topics concerning your shortcut. No better way to become an Internet Rockstar than to help out your fellow QuicKeys user! (maybe not a rockstar... how about "all-around nice person"?)

What versions of QuicKeys will run these shortcuts?
QuicKeys 4 for Mac OS X is required for these shortcuts.

Go forth and create! We're quite impressed with the shortcuts already submitted and we can't wait to see what else you come up with.
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