Announcing QuicKeys 4 for Mac OS X

Announcing QuicKeys 4 for Mac OS X

Postby Eric » Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:24 am

QuicKeys 4 is done! We are pleased to announce the release of QuicKeys 4 for Mac OS X.

If you were a beta tester, just do a check for updates inside the beta version. Otherwise just visit the the download section of our main web site.

If you are just now hearing about QuicKeys 4, here are some of the great new features we have added:

Abbreviations - Expand short typed text into longer text or even run a QuicKeys Shortcut.
Instant Shortcut - Make quick, temporary recordings of your actions that can be played back over and over.
Web Actions - Automate many web sites and web applications in Safari.
MIDI Triggers - Trigger Shortcuts via MIDI enabled musical instruments or equipment.
QuicKeys Anywhere - QuicKeys remote control app for your iPhone/iPod Touch. Available soon!
QuicKeys Online - An online resource center inside QuicKeys. Browse shortcuts, view tutorials, and read hints posted via Twitter.

I would like to thank all the Startly staff for helping get this release out. We may all be able to sleep finally (a little bit).

I would also like to thank everyone who tried the beta version and especially those who gave us feedback about issues and improvements.


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