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Hello all,
I just purchased a new calendar similar to iCal called BusyCal:

(If you need to test . . . it gives you a free month and is pretty easy to delete and gives good instructions to do so.)

I use Control + "B" to start it and each time I get the little rectangular icon in QuicKeys which reads:
Open application BusyCal on the bottom
Step 1 on the right
and up top, from left to right, is the Pause Button, the Right Arrow and a square Stop Button.

It is frozen there until I push the Stop Button.

Any ideas how I can rid myself of this happening would be appreciated!

Thank you so much!
I went to make a sticky in BusyCal to see what it looked like and the program froze.
It was emailing a log to BC or Apple but was taking too long so I force-quit.
In restart QK is working perfectly!
I'll leave this post up to inform people that a restart of BusyCal may solve the issue.
All is well . . . I luv QuicKeys!!!!!
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