Creating a new Note

Creating a new Note

Postby vinnieBob » Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:28 am

This was mentioned in OS X hints, and seems to be something QK should do easily using a standard shortcut.

QK steps:
Scope: all Applications
1) Type Keystroke cmd-C
2) Open Application "Notes"
3) Wait for Application "Notes" to be frontmost
4) Type Keystroke cmd-0 (like the AppleScript in the OS X hint, this brings the Notes window forward with cmd-0)
5) Pause 0.3 sec
6) Type Keystroke cmd-N
7) Pause 1 sec
8 Type Keystroke cmd-V

What happens is, Note opens, the clipboard is pasted and then the Note promptly disappears. If you immediately run the shortcut a second time, the clipboard is pasted and the Note is created and stays.

Running this via OS X Hints AppleScript pasted into QK works after adding a "delay 2" after the Notes activation step in the AppleScript.
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Re: Creating a new Note

Postby gb2 » Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:28 am

I created the shortcut from your instructions and it works correctly for me each time. If it doesn't work unmodified when you run the AppleScript in QuicKeys then there is something strange with your Notes being slow at that point. The Wait for Notes being front most might not be the right thing to use. You might change it to a Wait for Window and see how it works. It sounds like a timing issue of steps getting executed at the wrong time.
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