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I need to be able to drive the Macintosh version of Lotus Notes. For example, I need to "Open a blahblah" which would require clicking a few buttons, filling out a few fields, etc. The input from the fields would change so I would want to write a script (using either bash, perl, ruby, or whatever) where the arguments to the script would be the values to put in the fields. The sequence of button pushes, etc would be the same.

Is this something that QuicKeys can do? If so, can you point me to the documentation? I've casually looked around and I don't see it.

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Re: Scripts

Postby gb2 » Fri Apr 26, 2013 7:05 pm

the QuicKeys documentation is built into QuicKeys. Select QuicKeys Help from the Help menu to bring up the manual. About the only way that I see you have a chance of doing this with QuicKeys would be using AppleScript to pass values back to QuicKeys to use the "Use Variable" step to insert the value of a variable. You might be able to use one of the other scripts within AppleScript. Using QuicKeys Variables from AppleScript is in Appendix D of the manual.
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