How do I change 'Save As' file type from pop-up menu?

How do I change 'Save As' file type from pop-up menu?

Postby m021478 » Tue Mar 14, 2006 7:59 pm

I am trying to setup a shortcut that I can use once I've finished editing an image in Photoshop...If its possible to accomplish certain aspects of this task, I am bound to create multiple variations, but for this question, lets just say that I would like the shortcut to trigger with a specified hot key, then open the PhotoShop 'Save As' dialog window, set the 'Format' to TIFF (which might already be set to TIFF if that's what I saved my last image as, or it might be set to something else like .jpeg or .psd), and finally I would like to have the shortcut save the image to a specific folder on my computer...

I read 'Example G4' on page 207 of the instruction manual for QuicKeys, and I have been able to successfully setup a shortcut to automatically change to a designated save-to folder...

A couple of problems I am having setting this all up are as follows: I cannot figure out how to go about telling QuicKeys to choose 'TIFF' from the 'Format' pop-up menu (which might have a variety of file formats as the default/visible one...depends on what format I saved my last image out of Photoshop as). Also, I can't figure out how I would go about setting it up to enable/disable certain radio buttons and checkboxes that I would want...

If possible, please check out the following link to have a look at little photo gallery I setup which shows three screenshots of what the various pop-up menus and radio buttons look like in the 'Save As' window and 'TIFF Options' window...

--picture not found--

I would be eternally grateful for any help that you could offer with this, as it would be a massive time saver for me, and at this point, I am totally stuck! Thanks!
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Postby gb2 » Tue Mar 14, 2006 10:43 pm

use the "Pop-Up Menu" shortcut - instructions on page 181. I would use Find Pop-Up Menu by Location. Basically create the shortcut from the Create>User Actions>Pop-Up Menu. Change the Find Pop-Up Menu by pop-up to Location. Click the Set Pop-Up Menu button and navigate to the Save As dialog in PhotoShop and put your cursor over the Format pop-up and it should turn green. Press the Caps lock key to lock in the location and press OK on the Select Pop-Up Menu window. Fill in the Item name as TIFF give it a trigger and try it out.
The other checkboxes were not showing up when trying to setup them as Button shortcuts so you would probably have to use "Click" steps relative to the window.
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Postby m021478 » Wed Mar 15, 2006 2:15 am

Does changing the Pop-Up Menu settings to location make the success or failure of the shortcut dependent on the precise location of the window save as window? So what about the fact that Photoshop remembers the screen location of the save as window from when you saved your last image...Does this mean that if I manually save an image in photoshop and for one reason or another decide to move the location of the save as window to a different location on the screen, that the script would from that point on fail because photoshop will now open the save as window to the new location (with different coordinates than were used when the QuicKeys pop-up menu by location shortcut was created)?

I'd like to hear your thoughts on a possible alternative...One thing that is constant is that photoshop always has the image name highlighted when you first enter the save as window...I noticed that hitting the tab key moves the focused item from button to button and menu to menu within this window...and more specifically, I noticed that hitting the tab key 14 times highlights the save as pop-up menu, and with this method, there would never be any factors that could change this number (such as the addition or removal of a button or menu, which would make it more or less than 14 times)...Would setting up the shortcut to hit the tab key 14 times be a viable alternative (that is if indeed the pop-up by location step does require that the save as window never moves from the time the shortcut is created)? Please advise...
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Postby m021478 » Wed Mar 15, 2006 3:05 am

Don't worry about responding...I got it all figured out!

I used your advice and setup 'click' shortcut steps for the various checkboxes (relative to the window)...and I did some testing and playing around and found that the pop-up menu step you suggested for selecting the proper item in the list of file formats was not affected by adjusting the position of the window...

So anyway, thanks for your assistance with this...I really appreciate it!
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Postby gunns256 » Wed Mar 15, 2006 7:49 am

If it takes 14 tabs to navigate to a pop-up, you might consider trying shift-tabs to navigate backwards.
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