Allow modifiers on remapped keys

Allow modifiers on remapped keys

Postby AHChris » Wed Nov 12, 2014 7:23 am


I recently bought QuicKeys and I'm trying to set it up for Pro Tools. I use Pro Tools on my MacBook from time to time, so I need to remap my numeric keypad to my regular keypad. I already figured out how to do this, there's only one thing that is not working.

Let's say I create a shortcut for my "+" key, so it will trigger the "numpad +" key when I press it. This works perfectly, and I can use the "+" key to nudge now. But if I wanna use the "+" with some modifiers (like control + alt + "+" for changing the grid value) the "+" key behaves like the regular "+" key and not like the "numpad +" key again. Do I need to program each possible shortcut independently for this to work, or is there a little option to allow modifiers for shortcuts anywhere and I'm just to blind to find it? Please help!

Greetz Chris
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Re: Allow modifiers on remapped keys

Postby gb2 » Wed Nov 12, 2014 10:42 am

if you have a trigger of "+" that does a Type Keystroke of "keypad +" that is only changing that one combination of "+", each combination would have to be setup as a different shortcut. If you want "control alt keypad +" then you would have to create a shortcut with the trigger of "control, alt +" that types "control, alt keypad +"
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