Waiting for web page to load

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Waiting for web page to load

Postby MichaelTzu » Sun Jun 07, 2009 5:51 am

Am using QK Ver 3. I want to automatically login to certain web accounts.
How can I create a wait? Using the Window name does not work because this shows up before the page has finished loading.

Appreciate advice on this.


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Re: Waiting for web page to load

Postby gb2 » Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:36 am

use a QuicKeys -> Wait -> Wait for Menu. Enter "View" in the Menu field and "Stop" in the Menu Item field. This tells QuicKeys which menu item we're interested in. Depending on your browser of choice, "Stop" may or may not be the actual menu item name. Here are a few popular web browsers, note the differences in menu item names, but also note that they all contain the word "Stop". We can key on this word alone if we like, and we will.

    Safari ... View -> Stop
    Camino ... View -> Stop Loading Page
    Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape... View -> Stop
    OmniWeb ... View -> Stop Load
    Explorer ... View -> Stop Loading

Click on the Details button next to the Menu Item field. Change "Identify by" pop-up to "Name contains". This makes your menu item generic enough to work with almost all web browsers.

Configure the rest of the Wait for Menu shortcut step as follows:
    Checked: Leave this at "Don't Care" since we don't care whether or not this menu item is checked.
    Exists: Leave this at "Yes" or the shortcut will fail thinking we intended to -not- find the designated menu item.
    Enabled: Change this to "No". When a web page is loading the "Stop" item in the View menu is enabled (not grayed out). Conversely, when a page has finished loading, this menu item becomes disabled (grayed out). We want our shortcut to Wait until this menu item is grayed out (page is done loading) before continuing to the next step.
    Options: If you are using Safari*, Explorer*, or Camino* you will need to check the box named "Show menus while performing menu action".

    *Note: These browsers fail to report the state of their menu items even when properly queried through Apple's Accessibility programming interface. QuicKeys must actually open the menus to make these browsers aware of the states of their own menu items. Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape users don't need to check this box, these browsers behave as expected when programmatically asked about the states of their menu items.
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