Apple Java Update breaking Shortcut & Workaround

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Apple Java Update breaking Shortcut & Workaround

Postby acorben » Mon May 03, 2010 3:41 pm

I'm using QuicKeys X3 Version 3.2.3 (29) on a 2.66 Intel GHz Core 2 Duo iMac running 10.5.8. I'm using an Oracle Developer Forms Server run through Safari 4.05, and I'm tightening up quite a number of keystrokes with QuicKeys shortcuts.

Apple updated Java a while back, and suddenly my shortcuts broke. Specifically, certain shortcuts would run and pause (appropriately) waiting for me to edit some piece of information in a field. Normally, I would use the arrow keys and move to the spot, make the update, and then the shortcut would continue. However, now the use of the arrow key would fail, and the machine would type a character out of Apple's Fallback Font:  or U+E000 – U+F8FF. (Here is the Weird Symbol). When you see the character, it looks rather like a capital W riding a lowercase M as drawn by Dr Seuss. Suffice it to say this fouled my shortcut by overwriting whatever field contents I was trying to update. Further experimentation revealed that any shortcut that made use of Control-Q had been broken, and none of the others had been. I assume that this is the result of the Java Update and QuicKeys interacting in such a way that some short bit of information was left hanging by the Control-Q and that when the next keystroke was an arrow movement, the the hanging code merged with the arrow movement to be understood as a Unicode character. I'd still be experimenting to see if it was only the Control key which was the problem, but I've got to get on with my job.

The workaround has been that I have scoured my shortcuts for anything that makes use of the Control-Q command, and replaced it with a mouse click on the menu icon which does the same thing as Control-Q in this environment.

Eventually, either a QuicKeys update or the next Apple Java Update will repair whatever dangling code is causing my Mac to do this thing, but I won't need the fix because the keystroke with the problem has been replaced in all my shortcuts with a mouse click to do the same thing.
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