I wish QK would do what this app does...

I wish QK would do what this app does...

Postby Syncopator » Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:49 pm

The app is called "Shortcuts," and it does one thing: It allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to any contextual menu item.

Shortcuts brings contextual menu items to your keyboard

I hate running separate apps to perform similar functions, and this seems like QK territory to me!


Also, while I'm here, I wish QK could fill the gap left by another app that stopped working: The app was called "Launch Items X," but the feature I miss is "Move Items."

By control-clicking any item, I'd get a menu called "Move Items to...," containing a list of my favorite destinations (specified beforehand). By selecting any destination, the item was simply moved there. I used it dozens and dozens of times per day, but it stopped working in '05 and hasn't been updated since.

Think about how often you accumulate things on your desktop -- or now, in your downloads folder. When you want to file them permanently, you have to open another window (unless the destination is represented in a Finder sidebar window or in the dock). The sidebar is very useful (it holds more items), but when items are on the desktop, I have to open a Finder window -- just to reveal a sidebar, then drag the items, one by one, then close the Finder window.

Control-clicking was so much simpler and cleaner, and last I checked, I couldn't find another app that moves items via contextual menu. I'd pay big money for this functionality to be added to QK! :-)
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Postby gb2 » Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:13 pm

you should be able to all this with the current version of QuicKeys.

Using shortcuts from contextual menus - most contextual menus allow you to type their menu items to select them. So right click to get the menu up and then use Type Text or Type Keystroke shortcuts depending on how unique the menu items are to select the menu item then a Type Keystroke of a Space to select the item. If a menu only has one item that begins with the letter D then you would only need to use a Type Keystroke with the D, but if it had two menu items that were similar like Open and Open With in the Finder and you wanted Open With you would have to use Type Text with that text to select it.

Moving items in the Finder by selecting them - use the Create>Files>Manage Files shortcut. Change the Action pop-up to Move and leave the Target as Finder Selection, then pick the folder to move the selection items to. Setup as many of these as you want and then add them to a Create>QuicKeys>SoftKeys palette.
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Postby Syncopator » Mon Feb 25, 2008 3:08 pm

Wow. I wasn't aware you could type-select items in a contextual menu, nor was I aware of the "move" option in Create>Files>Manage Files. Very nice.... Clearly, QK continues to rock! :-)

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