Monitor Resolution and Bit-Depth Switching

Monitor Resolution and Bit-Depth Switching

Postby tetrault » Sat Mar 08, 2008 9:12 pm

I have used every version of QuicKeys. (I have 24 years of Mac experience.) I loved the last OS 9 version of QuicKeys. I am disappointed that after 6 versions of OS X, QuicKeys X isn't even close to matching its OS 9 predecessor in usefulness, speed, or ease-of-use. One of the features I miss the most is quick switching of monitor resolutions and bit depths. Here's what I used to be able to do:

Default monitor setting: 1900 x 1200, millions of colors.

1. Run a QK shortcut that
-- changes settings to 832 x 624, thousands of colors (for example)
-- launches game or application that needs those settings

2. On quitting the game or app, I used a command-Q shortcut to
-- send keystroke command-Q to quit the game or app
-- change monitor settings back to 1900 x 1200, millions of colors

Using QK and native OS X software, it is nearly impossible to do these simple tasks. It's easy to launch System Preferences and then Display, but picking the resolution from a scrolling list fails most of the time, and changing the bit-depth is also hard. I will probably have to get the cscreen command line utility, run a shell script within an AppleScript, and call the AppleScript from QuicKeys. That's not an easy or elegant solution. It seems to me that QuicKeys should incorporate a utility for making screen changes and list them as System Tasks.
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Postby gb2 » Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:36 pm

already entered as feature request - ID 3282
looks like you are only the 3rd person in 7 years to request this feature. You say the OS 9 version had more usefulness, you can go here and submit your feedback on that: Product Feedback

The changing the number of colors can be done with a simple Pop-up Menu shortcut by clicking the Set Pop-up Menu and selecting Location and then moving over the pop-up and locking it in with the caps lock key. Then enter the item you want selected in the pop-up.

The selecting the Resolution by clicks shouldn't be that hard either, only have to add another step if you have more than will fit in the list at once. If the item you want is not visible you would fist click in the scrollbar to bring it into view and then click on the item in the list you wanted. Both should be clicks relative to the window. Some pauses might be needed between steps if they take awhile to change.

When you get the selecting the resolution stuff setup your #2 could be done just like you want also.
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