Device vs. Ho tkey

Device vs. Ho tkey

Postby rjtemple » Tue Mar 25, 2008 1:15 am

Unless I'm missing something (entirely probable), it appears the Device trigger functionality doesn't act like the Hot Key trigger functionality in that it still forwards the information sent from a device to the application.

I was very excited to hear about the fact that QKM could differentiate between USB devices (two keyboards one on my laptop and an external keyboard) and perform differently depending on which keyboard was used. But unlike the functionality with Hot Keys, the application is also given the original key presses along with QKM doing it's thing.... Making this great feature useless to me.

For example:

If I'm in Word and set up a shortcut to type the letter "B" it works wonderful if the trigger is set as a hot key. In my case I assigned the hot key trigger to "A". I press "A" and I see "B" (only) added to Word.

If I set the shortcut to trigger from another keyboard using the device functionality, it almost works, but in Word, I'll see "AB" rather than just "B". It does block out the QKM shortcut functionality if I use the 'internal' keyboard (showing "A" when I press "A" as it should).

Since there seems to be a way to 'block' the trigger itself from reaching the application (the letter "A" in Word) when Hot Keys are used, perhaps it would be easy to include that functionality when a Device does the triggering.

Internal keyboard, press "A" and Word shows "A"
External keyboard, press "A" and Word shows "B" not "AB"

Of course, if this was the way I wanted to use it for some reason, I could perhaps code in a backspace or something. But I'm using QKM for Logic, DP, and Finale.... not Word. And if Logic has a shortcut key assigned to "A", then when I press "A" on my external keyboard, I wouldn't want it to trigger Logic's key command.... because who knows how much 'work around' I'll have to do to undo in the various applications I use with their own key commands.

It would save me $200-300 from having to buy an X-Keys console since I already own another computer keyboard. (as do I'm sure many QKM users)

I could use this functionality so much. Having a dedicated keyboard for QuicKeys would increase it's usefulness immensely.

Or perhaps I'm missing something. (entirely probable :)

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Postby gb2 » Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:56 am

already entered as feature request - ID 3579
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