Better error messages for step failure

Better error messages for step failure

Postby MorganNews » Sat Nov 22, 2008 6:15 am

I have several QK shortcuts that do one thing: format text in some way. One upper cases it, another lower cases it, a third does title case. I use them a lot. And I use, for instance, the Upper Case Selected Text format step to do it. It's the only step in the shortcut. What could go wrong?

Well, they fail about 25% of the time, which, frankly, is 25% too much, but that's another message for another forum.

When they fail, I get the equivalent of "Couldn't Upper Case Text' error message. Well, no kidding. I can see the text is not uppercased. But there's no button anywhere on the error dialog box that says "Press this to find out why and how to permanently fix it." Just a dialog box redundantly saying it couldn't do the only thing I asked of it.

And to see this unhelpful error message, I have to go to the Dock, select the bouncing icon, wait for QK to think "Where did I put all those shortcuts?", wait for it to switch in front, wait for it to draw that whole window of shortcuts, wait for it to draw the error dialog box, wait for me to move the mouse over the OK or Dismiss or Shoot Me Now button.

I could turn the notification off, just have the shortcut stop, but I still don't know why the step failed so I could fix it.

And then I'll switch back to the program I was using and try the shortcut again. It almost always works this time, and the next time. Then, a while later, for no apparent reason, we're back to Unhelpful Error Message again.

Ideally I'd like the 'Fix me now" button, but I'll settle for something somewhat more informative than the current error message.
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Re: Better error messages for step failure

Postby gb2 » Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:32 pm

feedback noted.
What program does it not work in? What is the hot key for the shortcut? I don't think we have ever had that fail. The causes are probably more related to the program that you are using. It could be that it couldn't get text to change because there was no text selected, the program didn't put the text on the clipboard or the program couldn't paste what it had on the clipboard.
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