MIDI Sequence triggers.

MIDI Sequence triggers.

Postby unonnimuss » Fri Jul 03, 2009 5:51 pm

It would be very cool (and I would imagine not too difficult to implement) to be able to play a melody as a trigger.
Additionally, If it could recognize a melody based on the timing of the notes pressed (with some flexibility because obviously no one plays perfect each time)... then it would enable QuicKeys to remain open for any user, and certain events to be triggered -only- by certain users/people (if the shortcut is protected and someone couldn't just go view it and press the 'run' button within QuicKeys).

I like the idea that chords can trigger specific things... however anyone can learn a chord and play it. Imagine being able to type a complex word password for an encrypted disk image... but instead of typing it out each and every time you want to unlock it, you simply play a short melody of a song. QuicKeys then does it's thing, and opens it, types it all out... mounts it. etc. Someone might learn that you have to play that song to access the file --- but if they're not skilled enough to press the keys timed appropriately, it can not be triggered.

That's just one example.

I really like this MIDI addition to QuicKeys. MIDI sequences would be so much fun... and perhaps inspire further musical additions to QuicKeys.

If you add the ability to at least use sequence (even without specific note timing) ... QuicKeys could be used for making music too.

Imagine playing to a rhythm that is already timed out... and you can create a macro where every 4th note pressed in the sequence triggers a sound that's played... it could technically become a musical instrument, as well as performing many other tasks simultaneously.

I think, wow. What fun it would be to have a tool like that... and you weren't even trying to write a program for musicians... but look what comes from it.
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Re: MIDI Sequence triggers.

Postby gb2 » Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:27 am

thanks for the suggestion.
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