Remember window positions??

Remember window positions??

Postby Syncopator » Sat Aug 01, 2009 12:22 am

I'm fortunate enough to have two, 30-inch displays at my workstation, and I sit slightly to the right of the center "seam" between the two. Each time I open a QK shortcut (or create a new one), its window opens at the far left of display 1 -- and each time, I move the window to the far right of display 1. Yet, even after saving a shortcut, its window insists upon opening at the far left.

It would be so nice if QK's windows remembered where we placed them. I don't mean individual settings for each shortcut window, just the placement of each type of window. QK should be smart enough to learn that when editing shortcuts (or creating new ones), I want my that window to open at the right side of the display, and it should do so with all subsequent shortcut windows (until I save one in a different position).

Could I create a QK shortcut to move the window where I want it to be? Sure. But having to create QK shortcuts to manipulate QK's own windows when creating QK shortcuts feels like some sort of forbidden time-space-continuum deal. :)

This very basic functionality would go a long, long way toward productivity. Please consider this.

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Re: Remember window positions??

Postby gb2 » Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:48 am

thanks for the feedback - using QuicKeys to automate QuicKeys isn't a good idea.
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