A terminal emulator that is seamless with QuicKeys

A terminal emulator that is seamless with QuicKeys

Postby jdb_tst » Fri Dec 25, 2009 9:41 pm

To be A Better Terminal emulator than apple terminal it should
-supports 256 colors
-yet provide all the same functionality of terminal
-growl notifications
-ability to run QK abbreviations or shortcuts by typing the first few letters of the shortcut.
-QuicKeys should be able to record shortcuts on this terminal emulator and edit them
-results from running the shortcuts or commands in the emulator could be[/list]
----pasted into an application
----displayed as a transient tooltip
----displayed as a growl notification
----used to trigger another QuicKeys shortcut
----displayed on the emulator window in a variety of text foreground or background colors
The app should be able to replace the functionality of a right click menu.
So it should allow a user to define what kind of actions one can run with the items in the context.

A scenario:
Say if I select a set of jpeg files and run a keyboard shortcut to launch the "QuicKeys terminal"
-it lists all the commands that a right click menu would display for such a selection
---- or typing a QK abbreviation like ".rc" shows the context sensitive menu commands in the "QK Terminal"
-it shows a list of QK shortcuts that would run on such a selection
-a special type of QK shortcut would allow to process information regarding the context selection
----and allow the user to create rules to display a command list in the terminal emulator
say if a set of targa files selected have a sequential name such as "targa_to_email_001 and so on"
-my custom "QK context shortcut" would allow me to create a set of commands to display
-based on the file size, date of creation, time of creation, and last 3 digit number
----so now using AppleScript, QuicKeys or a shellscript, I can create a rule that returns true if
----filesize >500kb, date of creation > a certain timestamp, every 16th image file of my 15fps trial render, including the "001" file
----it displays a command list that does a certain shortcut to individual files that meet the criteria.
----so even if I have a 100 different shortcuts that works on targa files, my ability to define criteria to shortlist command groups would allow better workflow automation.
-Then typing a character in the terminal emulator shortlists the command list further
-Hit enter and the shortcut is executed.

Suggesting such an app because...
Ubiquity runs only inside firefox
Quicksilver is dead, required more typing, cannot incorporate QK shortcuts or shortcut recording.
Apple terminal is a "terminally" handicapped terminal emulator in terms "user experience" and customization
Right click menu is getting too old and over populated with sub-menus and sub-menus.
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Re: A terminal emulator that is seamless with QuicKeys

Postby gb2 » Mon Dec 28, 2009 2:16 am

thanks for the feedback.
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