Postby RDav » Thu Jul 28, 2011 1:17 am

Hi folks,

I ran into QK through and I'm hoping to get some very basic information.
Hopefully someone here can help.

I need a few simple keystroke sequences assigned to keyboard keys in order to trigger stuff in the application I'm using.

These sequences have identical structure:

-numpad7, regardless of numlock status, fires up the following keystrokes:
wait for 1-100 msec (will have to be customizable cause I don't know what will work)
wait for XXX msec
wait for XXX msec

I'm wondering if this is possible with QK, and whether it's a 15 min job to set up or requires a day off to read the manual and experiment.

Also, is QK running in the background silently?
I need something that's 100% invisible and unobtrusive at all times.

Finally, I take it such an app won't need to take up any computer resources, but please confirm this.

Many thanks,
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Re: Questions

Postby gb2 » Thu Jul 28, 2011 10:34 am

first off QuicKeys only works under Windows XP

the numpad7 should trigger regardless of numlock status
your other steps should be simple Type Keystroke steps

it runs in the background - can't guarantee 100% it depends on what other things you do. Any app that is running is going to take up computer resources.
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