Open Letter to Startly's CEO

Open Letter to Startly's CEO

Postby gr3gw » Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:36 pm

Startly Support: Please forward to the CEO of Startly, who I believe is John Kirk.
QuicKeys for Windows Users: Feel free to add your voice or even write your own message to the CEO.

Dear Mr Kirk(*),

I have been using QuicKeys since it was first published by CE Software, I think in the late 80's). First on the Macintosh and later on Windows. I am dismayed at Startly's apparent disregard for QuicKeys for Windows. Despite constant assurances by your forum support staff, who I must say are doing a gallant job, there has been no software fixes or improvements since July 2006, or there about.

Those of us that still use QuicKeys Windows are very loyal customers, and many still run businesses that depend on it.

I can't understand why you don't just sell the product if you are not going to maintain it. I'm sure there are quite a few enterprising software developers out there, and if no one wants it, why not put it out there as open source? There's still money to be made from open source.

Let's look at the facts.
(1) You've lost most of your QuicKeys Windows customer-base by ignoring the product.
(2) It's costing you money to support those that are left. Current staff can be more gainfully employed supporting your very successful QuicKeys for Macintosh product.
(3) None of your existing customers would mind if you sold the product without selling the QuicKeys name and brand. We'd be quite happy with 'NoName's Shortcuts' or whatever name is employed by a new owner. On the upside, if you made the code open source, any success it had would carry your QuicKey name and automatically promote the QuicKeys for Macintosh brand. How much is that worth in advertising?
(4) I can't see how selling/releasing the QuicKeys for Windows code would compromise the QuicKeys for Macintosh code as I believe the latter was completely re-written in version 4. The windows version is languishing at an early version 3 stage.
(5) Sooner or later Investors are going to realize that, on the books, QuicKeys for Windows is only potentially a valuable asset, not an asset that is worth anything at all.
(6) You are sooner or latter going to have to remove QuicKeys for Windows as a product because new buyers will feel tricked when they discover it is an abandoned product. This will harm Startly's reputation much more that a good product can enhance it. If you were in Australia you could be contravening false advertising legislation.

Please, do the right thing, give QuicKeys for Windows a new lease of life by 'freeing' it.

Greg Webb
Loyal QuicKeys customer since the late 1980's

(*) I believe your name is John Kirk, my apologies if I have got it wrong.
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Re: Open Letter to Startly's CEO

Postby gb2 » Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:45 am

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