Menus for Faster QuicKeys Programming

Menus for Faster QuicKeys Programming

Postby Scientist » Sun Apr 30, 2006 2:24 pm

QuicKeys Users:

I use QuicKeys as a "meta-language" to transfer data between different scientific/technical applications, and to control each application. Programming QuicKeys Actions could be made much faster (more productive) by making the editor's menu trees more shallow.

Here's what this suggestion would look like in the QuicKeys user interface.

On the QuicKeys Editor menu bar all you see right now is ...

File Edit View Go Create Help

I propose expanding the top level of the Create menu as follows, so that the QuicKeys Editor menu bar would appear like this ...

File Edit View Go Create Sequence File/Folder Internet MultiMedia
Network QuicKeys Screen System Text Help

What I envision is that this text menu bar would be _wrapable_ and create a second or third line of menu items depending on how wide the user displayed his QuicKeys Editor window.

I also propose that Startly implement a "mouse-up" click action on all menus. Right now, QuicKeys supports only one-down-click-at-a-time menu selection. But, it is faster to hold the left button down, drag the mouse to the item you want, and then have the item launch when you up-click (release your finger from the switch).

This approach to text menu design would allow the user to select items deep in the current menu hierarchy, such as System Specials, Type Keystroke, and Window Handler, with literally one prolonged mouse click -- a click down and hold on (say) System, then a drag down and release on (say) Type Keystroke.

QuicKeys' Sequence Properties and other programming windows would have similar menu designs.

This way, QuicKeys programming would become much faster (more productive) than it is today. Even in the ivory towers of scientific research, time is still money; and anything Startly does to improve the QuicKeys' user interface should attract new customers.

Or so it seems to me.
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Postby gb2 » Mon May 01, 2006 10:26 am

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