Improvements for QuicKey authors

Improvements for QuicKey authors

Postby gr3gw » Mon Jul 31, 2006 11:49 am

I've managed to do a bit of QK development over the last few weeks. Here's a few things that, if implemented, would make development easier.

1. Add a Comment action. The purpose of Comment would be to add some running documentation or notes to multi-stepped actions. This would be in Sequences. It would have a null action.

2. Provide keyboard shortcuts to the 'Create' stage of defining actions. The standard Ctrl/C and Ctrl/P work. and there are some menu commands that have shortcuts assigned. The Alt... sequence works but this can't be packed into a QK action and run from within Create because it would seem that within Create QK no longer functions, not unreasonable at all.

My purpose is to have keyboard shortcuts for the actions, particularly the most commonly used ones. For me, at the moment, this is Create>System Tools>Type Keystroke and Create>Sequence Tools>Pause.

The best solution is to let users assign keystroke shortcuts to the actions. A short term quick fix would be to add fixed keystroke shortcuts for all the actions.

3. The biggest inhibitor to development at the moment is the long time delays. It happens when QuicKey Editor is first loaded, whenever a change is made to a QK action, when a QK is copied to another scope, and when a QK action is deleted. I know this is on the database but there is no indication as to when it will be fixed.

Tips for developers while waiting for the 'long wait' fix.

(a) Don't delete without thinking first. Save deleting until you have finished work and deleted a number all together - the actions can be selected with control-clicks.

(b) Think of changing QK names rather than deleting - eg put a hyphen at the front of the name.

(c) Things that are relatively quick: copy and paste QK actions within a scope; rename a QK action; change the QK keystrokes; view the QK action (open and then close with Exit).
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Postby gb2 » Mon Jul 31, 2006 12:07 pm

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