Just a few ideas

Just a few ideas

Postby drjay » Sun Mar 12, 2006 11:12 am

First off I want to say "Thank you" for creating this product. It's been extremely helpful on many projects and vital on others. Keep up the good work!

That aside I have a few suggestions to make for the XP version.

I've used the program on Mac and PC and I absolutely love the way you do the 'Mouse Click' option on Mac. It gives me a round follower around the mouse that will not log the click until I hit Caps Lock. On PC this option does not seem to be available. It's helpful because many windows in a program do not appear until the program is in focus, which requires clicking on it. Well on the PC that means it will just log me focusing on the widow. I've found a workaround but it would be much easier if you could work that in somehow.

Second thought, the "Abort Sequence" option needs to be more absolute. Many times when I have to stop the sequence choosing this option does little to even slow it down and the timing has to be right or the option is grayed out. Maybe I'm missing a key sequence to stop it no matter what, but maybe even making it clearer how to stop it would be great. Having the playback window in the corner and hitting the stop button there seems to work more frequently however not every sequence I run allows for that window to take up space.

Third thought, I think the 'Compare Variable' as it relates to the clipboard option in XP needs a bit more work. Try this, create a sequence and add the 'Compare Variable' option with the following:

Action: Compare
Variable: Clipboard Option: >
Equation: "1"

Then hit ok, save the sequence and exit. Now reopen the sequence and edit the variable. Note the Option has changed from > to ==. Not only that but the sequence is not likely to work and I've had a difficult time finding a way to make it work with greater or less than numbers. I can easily make it check that it "==" a letter or number, but maybe I'm just missing something doing > or <.

Along with that many times if I've run a sequence that uses the clipboard compare once the sequence is done it seems to lock down the copy/paste commands. After I'm done many times I can't copy/paste without closing out of QuicKeys entirely. It has done that on more than one system so I don't think it's a isolated problem.

Another issue with that option is most of the time when doing a == compare it requires me to put quotes around the equation but every so often it requires I remove the quotes, then later it will require quotes again. I would say 98% of the time it requires quotes but it's rather frustrating troubleshooting its need for the removal of quotes. Might be a tough one to replicate as I've not found a common denominator so just FYI.

Lastly, please build the "Wait for window" into the "Window Selection" option. Don't remove the "Wait for window" option as that's vital to many sequences but I find that when moving quickly from one window to another it won't always wait for the window to be fully focused before continuing and that causes many problems. I can fix it entirely by doing a "Window Selection" then adding the 'Wait for window" for the same window. Adding a pause also works but many times the time required varies and I end up waiting too long or not long enough.

Thanks again for producing such a great program!
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Postby gb2 » Mon Mar 13, 2006 12:30 pm

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Abort key

Postby Paul Prince » Wed Aug 01, 2007 6:56 pm


Is there any abort key that overrides shortcuts? Once in a while if the wrong window is open (I know, need to make shortcut bulletproof), long shortcut routines bounce all over the place destroying things, resizing the wrong windows, etc.

I've tried Esc key, no help. It would be great to have such a key available short of killing power.

You can't make a separate shortcut because they can't run in Parallels...


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Postby gb2 » Thu Aug 02, 2007 9:04 am

there isn't any key you can press.

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probably wouldn't work in your case but -
if you have the Playback palette up you could stop it there, or if you can get to it the QuicKeys icon in the System Tray select Abort Sequence.
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