Abbreviation Suggestion Menu

Abbreviation Suggestion Menu

Postby mixter » Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:19 pm

I work in medical transcription and a text expander is a must. QuicKeys has been amazing and I appreciate all the work that's gone into it.

Perhaps this is already available, though I was unable to find it. I'm curious if there is a possibility of an abbreviation suggestion menu. What I mean by that is a little suggestion box that pops up when you're typing that gives suggestions of what you could be typing.

Let me speak about my specific situation since I may not explain this well.

I encounter a lot of medications in my work. The names don't come up enough for me to remember them all, yet often enough where looking them up each time is counterproductive. So I would like to have a list of medications. Then maybe I can set the entire list to be offered as a suggestion, or perhaps set up a macro that triggers the suggestion menu for that moment, or some such. I leave that to those who know better than I. Then when I'm typing a medication name anything in my list that matches the letters I've typed so far will come up on the suggestion menu. Then I need only to arrow up or down and hit enter to select (again, I'm sure that's clunky and the specific design is better let to those who know better). That helps for names like Levetiracetam where I'm not sure if it should be capitalized or if it's tera or tira, etc.

I also feel something like this would be useful for me concerning contraction. I'm not allowed to use them in my transcription. Typically it's not a problem, yet when I'm typing something like she's or it's, there can be two possibilities: she is or she has etc. Right now I have it set up so when I type she's, it becomes "she is;she has" so I only need to delete one on my second listen through. It would be useful to not have that extra step though.

Ok, thank you for your time and attention. I hope this makes sense to someone who is not me. :lol:
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Re: Abbreviation Suggestion Menu

Postby gb2 » Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:55 am

there is no such thing in QuicKeys - I've entered your comments into our feature request database.

not knowing how many you are talking about in your list of medications you might try setting up a shortcut with a Message step and putting the names in it. You might need to split up the names into multiple shortcuts.
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