New user and incremental variables

New user and incremental variables

Postby alderfall » Wed Jun 25, 2014 12:55 am

Hello folks... New QuicKeys user here on 10.6.8, QK version 4.0.7.

I am in need of automating a series of downloads via a web site form (with increasing numerical text as the search submission). I have the flow pretty well figured out and recorded, setup, etc.

I can get QK to open Safari, open the correct website, go to the submission page and click in the search field. I can get it to type the first number in the series (6291) then submit the search. I then get QK to right click and download the retrieved file listing successfully. Works without a hitch to this point!

The next step is what I am hung up on. I need to automatically restart the process but change the search from 6291 to reflect 6292 (an incremental increase of 1 for each successful cycle) and then download the next file. I need to have this process automated until I reach number 7542 on the website search form submission and download process.

I am trying to keep from having to do the same process the 1,259 individual times I would have to do if I did it manually.

I know, the search form submission variable numbers are odd, from 6291 to 7542, but I am hoping this will not prove problematic.

I did check through the forums and saw something about "prefix" variables (which I cannot find in QK) and the like. But I am not really grasping the correct procedure here and imagine that what I want to do is attainable given the other more powerful functions QK seems to be capable of.

Can you give me any suggestions out there folks?

Thank you for your time...
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Re: New user and incremental variables

Postby gb2 » Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:25 am

you can't find anything about prefix variables because there is no such variable. I think what you found was a user wanting to type out something that had a prefix and was trying to do it with variables.

you need to first read up on Variables starting on page 92 of the QuicKeys manual.

you would start by using an Assign Variable step to setup the initial value for your variable that you are going to store the 6291 into. Then below the steps that are in the steps that make up the first run through your shortcut you would put a Use Variable that increments the value of the variable you are using. Next you would use a Compare Variable to see if you need to do the process from the beginning again or stop the shortcut. You would use the Step Results to determine where to jump to start the shortcut over. Step Results are explained on page 55. I would start a new shortcut to work out the process of using the variables and just put something simple as the meat of the loop like a Use Variable step of your variable and have the Action pop-up set to Display Value so you can see that the loop is working correctly before adding the variable stuff to your real shortcut.
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