More efficient "Click and Release" creation

More efficient "Click and Release" creation

Postby Alan Lakein » Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:28 am

EXISTING to add a Click & Release location to a QK shortcut.

FIRST WAY: (1) Click "Set Location," (2) In the "Set QuicKeys Click Location" palette, Change the "Set Location For:" from the default "Click" to the drop down menu item "Click and Release."

SECOND WAY:(1) Click "Set Location," [same as first way], (2) Leave the default "Click" in the "Set Location For:" palette. (3) After clicking OK in the palette, click the Down arrow in the Click step, and then confirm the "Copy Click Settings to Release OK.


OPTION ONE: Since the "Click and Release." action is most common, make it the default rather that only the "Click" in the "Set QuicKeys Click Location" palette.

OPTION TWO: Considering that in the shortcut step there is a Set Location button next to the Click Location, and also a Set Location button next to the Release Location, add a third button between the click and the release sections, to the left of the up and down arrows between Click and Release. The button would say "Set Click & Release Location" and would the "Set QuicKeys Click Location" palette to open with the "Click and Release" menu item. If you took this option, you could change the Click "Set Location" button to "Set Click Location," and change the Release "Set Location" button to "Set Release Location."
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Re: More efficient "Click and Release" creation

Postby gb2 » Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:23 am

thanks for the feature request.
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